Wednesday 1 June 2011

Pie and Mash (Twice)

AS part of neighbour Jim's ongoing 75th birthday celebrations, he and the Angel Betty are off to re-live their London-bred youth with a traditional Pie and Mash meal at local pub The Ship in Ospringe. Betty hails from Dagenham and then Westham, Jim from Customhouse, so they are London through and through, both having made trips down here at hop picking time along with thousands of their neighbours while they were young and then moving down here to live and to own pubs in the area.

Bet and Jim are going with some friends locally and when Mum and Dad express an interest in this trad food they get invited to join in. In fact many of the London-born but now local folk enjoy these nights, and descend on the pub for this, once a month, including Bob, who used to own a Pie and Mash shop in Canning Town. There is plenty of banter between tables as they all know each other.

The food is (Meat) Pie, with, Mum and Dad, a water-based flaky pastry, mashed potatoes and a greenish-white parsley sauce which was traditionally made with the liquor from stewing eels - this is called 'liquor'. Bet says you would sprinkle vinegar over the mash, and Jim also adds pepper. So delicious that Dad piles through it, starving and then when some of the guys decide to go round again (leaving out the mash), Dad goes round again including the mash. Respect!

The beer is good too, says Dad (Fuller's London Pride) and it's great company so they all enjoy themselves and have a thoroughly good evening.

Who ate all the pies?


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Mr Silverwood said...

You ate, you ate, you ate, you ate, you ate all the pies....