Friday, 6 February 2009

Acts and Omissions

2 days ago I gave kill scores for all three of us.

How your sins will find you out - I am shamefully reminded that that score card is not complete.

Look back far enough in this blog (April 2007 should do it, or just look for the posting called "What a difference a day makes") and you'll find reference to a completely unfounded allegation that I once killed a robin. Worse, It is said that it was one of the breeding pair setting up to breed that year in Dad's new nest box among the clematis tangle. Me? I don't remember that at all, so "they" must be making it up.

We are also reminded that Megan's score should include a certain Irish (Silverwood) Hamster. There on a visit before I was born, Megan locked onto watching the family hamster in one of those modern cages made of transparent plastic tubes. Trans-fixed, she would not be distracted at any price, her little brain slowly sussing out that if she were to nip the tea-towel between her teeth on which the cage rested on the coffee table, and lean backwards with enough force..... she might just pull the cage down on top of herself with enough force that the plastic tubes would burst open and........

Ah dear.


PS - and yes, Mr Silverwood. The "half a squirrel" kills were just a team effort with H and M grabbing either end of the same squirrel. It was still one body when it expired, just doubly chewed.

Gimme a break! I'm a Terrier!

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Mr Silverwood said...

Oh yes, the Hamster, forgot about that one, although I doubt Mrs Silverwood did.