Monday, 16 February 2009

New Bed

We have a new bed! Compared to the moth eaten, trodden down, mud stained old one, it is pure luxury. The bed itself is actually a blue design, but the humans decided to also buy we girlies a pink throw to spread over it. Best part, say the humans, is that it has a remove-able washable cover. Very smart, is it not? That's Meggie (l) and Haggis (r). I was put on for the shot but lunged at the camera as soon as Dad aimed it at us....
Ragworth - you don't know what you're missing. (Ragworth has been offered a variety of beds but chooses instead his old favourite cardboard lettuce crate. He says it goes better with his London ASBO street cred image. He needs just a bit of bailer twine lead and his own personal homeless person to sit next to, to complete the picture.)
Nice new dog in the Rec tonight - a gingery brown yound female Lab called "Ginger". Still at that loose limbed soppy, unco-ordinated stage.
My other pic is the first fig on our new tree. I believe the variety is "Brown Turkey". These fruits form last autumn. survive through the winter and then mature to ripeness by this coming September. Or, at least, they do on a full sized tree. This one is still only 3 feet high and made up of 4 or 5 twigs, so maybe it won't crop just yet!
Meanwhile, it turns warm and we've already had good signs of dunnocks nipping about in a nest-builder-ish manner, and blue tits declaring territory from the Paulownia tree. Spring is a-coming.

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