Saturday 28 February 2009

Finzi and the Fences

A few pics for you to enjoy this weekend. Up at the allotments the fencing contractor is now finished and we have resplendent lines of fence either side of the footpath and around the car park. Whether this proves to be a deterrent to the herberts who think it's fun to steal, vandalise, torch sheds and trash crops, remains to be seen. The joys of allotmenting on the urban fringe, we guess.

The black lurcher is Finzi, who we've mentioned before - he's owned by a couple who also have a plot. A very gentle boy, given to finding the most comfortable place to sleep and lying down a lot, he looks very distinguished in his handsome wispy beard.
Finally a nice conjunction last night between the crescent moon and the planet Venus. Dad had to take this for one of Mum's threads. No bad eh?
We are related, it seems, on Mum's side, to posh French people. There's a surprise! Mrs Silverwood, in researching one strand of the family name, has un-earthed in the history archive of the Univ. of Nottingham, a letter written in 1794 by one Chevalier Joseph Marie de Cuttoli de Cothi, a minor aristocrat unseated by the Revolution to the Duke of Portland to try to get a job in the English Military. He's presumably hoping to join the campaign to win back Corsica and thus get back his lands.
At risk of sounding like Abraham de Lacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley the Alley Cat we knew this of course, that we'd all descended from nobility. The letters are of course in French and it is Mum (our only fluent French speaker) who is given the job of unravelling the effusive grovelly "You Excellency" and "I most humbly entreat you" stuff and, fair play to her, she struggles only on the pre-revolution French Military ranks. Sounds like our Chevalier was some kind of adjutant or an aide-de-Camp.
Sacre Bleu. Absolument!
Baroness de Deefski

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You will be getting all the other dogs on the rec to bow to you next