Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Coincidental Shar-Pei

What a co-incidence. We only know of one Shar Pei among our friends, and that's 8 year old "Summer", a rescue bitch, who belongs to a colleague of Dad's, and he was only commenting this week to her that we've never seen a Shar pei around these parts.

So tonight we come across in the snowy Rec, a yound lady out walking a 12 week old, dark furred Shar pei called Arnie, along with an older, scruffy mongrel terrier, Tyson. Yeah, we know - normally the names that, according to the cliché go with pit bulls, studded leather collars and tattoo'd skin-head owners. Not this time - sweet little lady owner in her 20's. we guess, and two very calm lovely dogs. We had a nice chat.

Just goes to show


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