Sunday, 1 February 2009


That Cyril will be the death of us all. He's back this morning and a-scampering around above our heads as we lie reading the papers (well the humans are anyway). There must me more than one hole.... take us to Def-Con 3 !!!

The humans have got hold of a boxed set of West Wing DVDs and have definitely been overdosing on the White House and all things politically American.

I am taken up into the loft to explore, and Dad checks the trap to find it empty but un-sprung. Cyril has had the peanut butter-smeared walnut off the spike without springing the trap, and the evidence (clean, neatly halved walnut shell a couple of yards away) has Mum saying "Clever little devil, isn't he...." Too clever for his own good if you ask me. Dad, I was enjoying that scurry around in the loft and just because I wouldn't come back for an hour, there was no need to grab me by the scruff and haul me out of there!

So, as the wind started to blow and the snow started to fall, Dad had the extension ladder out front and a can of "No More Big Gaps" (it's an aerosol can of expanding foam which sets hard in the cavity) in one hand. He was up at gutter level filling all the visible holes with the stuff.

The trap is re-set with cheese and peanut butter, and we await developments.

Pictures of pretty snow soon, all being well. It's coming down impressively at this stage. We still won't beleive it till we see it, though, lying on the ground several inches thick.

Look after yourselves


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Mr Silverwood said...

Now you have to admit, that was very clever of him