Friday, 6 February 2009


With everywhere in the UK except here apparently blanketed in snow, it seems like a good idea to stay put. Diamond and Mum though, decide to jet off to Glasgow to meet a gang of chums for some socialising over the weekend. Look out Glasgow. While they're still in the air it comes on "Sally Traffic" that Aberdeen airport is closed with all flights being diverted, so we are waiting to hear whether the Dynamic Duo are down safely.

Here, as I said, just rain, all be it very cold rain with a definite nip in the air. Won't take much to turn it into wintry showers. On the Rec we meet another new kid - 3 month old red and white staffie, Dodger. Very sweet. He's quite timid but we seem to bring him out of himself and he's soon chasing about. Megan (tart) as usual changes from stately Dowager Duchess to coy young thing bouncing around and flashing her eyes at the "young man". Cradle-snatcher, I say.

Have a great weekend


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