Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Catching up with the Old Girl

Some of you might be interested in these catch up pics of the restoration of the Sailing Barge "Cambria", which we've been ignoring rather since the Visitor Centre was closed before Christmas. Now it's open again though, and Dad is back involved. The shipwrights have made good progress in the intervening time - all the main frames are complete and in, the big steel "Keelson" is almost assembled but not yet fitted, "inner wales" and "chine keelsons" are almost there as is most of the chine planking.....

Cooo... listen to us coming out with all these boat-building expressions! I will direct you to the Cambria trust website if you are interested enough to find out what I'm on about - www.cambriatrust.org.uk .

"We" are now onto discussing more detailed stuff about how the main "hold" will be kitted out as an educational facility, the layout of cabins and store rooms, and even the choice of material for sail cloth.

Meanwhile, more mundanely, on the Rec we meet up with our good buddy, Ben, a collie cross. He never minds if we borrow his old tennis ball, and he's such a playful and friendly boy, that all three of us love a good bouince around with him. Yes, even Meggie was boinging around chasing the ball (all be it Dad throws it very gently and no more than about 6 feet for her these days!)

Good to get back in touch with the barge


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Anonymous said...

just to let you know that your friend Socky from Silverwood, had to be put to sleep on Monday.

RIP Socky

Lots of love from all the Silverwoods xxxx