Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tortoise-shell Shih Tzu

Well, the snow fell, such as it was, and has now largely gone again. We never get that lucky, so a couple of inches is all we've come to expect, and no photo's were taken - Dad has albums worths of "westies in mediocre snow" shots. He's holding out for a decent dump. Just a few miles away, in Rainham, they tell of 6-10 inches, but not here. Still, Dad had the fun of a snow-bound 2CV ride to work, as Mum wanted the "normal" car for a run to Ashford.

The kids must also have a day off school, because there are dozens of them on "our" Rec. The snow, although only shallow, is that good, wet ball-able texture, and the kids are struggling to roll up bigger and bigger balls, some to make snowmen, others just to push the ball till even 8 or 9 of them can push it no more, so they leave it there.

Toboggans are a new one to me, and definitely need shouting at. I am eventually put back on the lead when Dad gets fed up with this, and also worried that the kids around the sleds think it is them I am barking at and get scared. Fun though, while it lasts.

We meet a striking, almost tortoise-shell coloured Shih-Tzu called Seamus. We didn't know they came in those colours - mixed white, greys and browns, but apparently so. He's a nice chap and we have a good run around with him.

But that was yesterday. Today drizzle has pretty much washed away the snow and the thaw has rendered the surface of the Rec very sloppy and greasy. We meet Diamond out walking with Rags, so the humans amble round at Meggie speed (she's OK on dry tarmac, but slows down over frozen snow or mud) while Rags, Haggis and I have a scamper about. At one point Rags races off to greet, rather boisterously, a terrier about half a mile away across the Rec, and in another we get Mollie the Greyhound doing one of her "fly-pasts" .... Voooooosh!


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