Sunday 30 August 2009

2CV camp St Ives

Hi guys. We're just back from the latest 2CV camp, this one organised by the National club (2CVGB) in St Ives, Cambridgeshire (Not the one in the far South West).
It has, as ever, been a blast. Lovely hot sunny weather so plenty of chilling out, and a "Wild West" theme, so plenty of opportunity for the humans to go loopy. Haggis is still traumatised, we think, by the sight of a grown man in a black and white cow suit, with an inflated rubber glove in an appropriate place, for the udder. More than a poor impressionable young man can take.
We made loads of friends, as well as meeting up again with most of the gang who go to the Kent Camps. Just one quick pic for now, a shot from inside the tent where I (centre) and Haggis (right) have taken cover from the heat, and Megan is resolutely basking in the sunshine outside (left). Lots of adventures to describe but we're all too tired just now, so tonight, just a quick catch up like this
Look after yourselves.

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