Saturday 15 August 2009


A warm but breezy weekend should be a chance to chill out, but regular readers will be sad to know that our good friend Diamond has taken a bad turn in Hospital, and things are looking very grim. Just a few days ago she was allowed out for the afternoon and we were all sitting chatting on the back terrace in the sun, while Diamond heartily ate some of Mum's pasta. This was the first good appetite she'd showed for a while, and things were looking up.

This weekend then, we are a bit of a hub of visitors coming to see Diamond - friends from London, family and family friends from Stockton on Tees (where she and the late Denis hail from). Friday night turned into a bit of a vigil, as we all sat out on the terrace in the gathering gloom, candles burning, wine, chat, food, we dogs mooching about checking out the night noises and smells.

Today has been lots of comings and goings as people visit in relays.

It's a worrying time. Hang in there Diamond.


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