Sunday 23 August 2009

We've been here and we've been there...

A day for flying about hither and yon with Em-J, showing her the local environs. We dogs get an early walk in the Rec while everybody gets up (Em-J takes after her Aunt in respect of not being a morning person). Breakfast is pain-au-chocolat and coffees or hot chocolates. Mu and Em-J head off to town to a shop now known as "Not-Woolies" in search of assorted stuff.

Then we all load back into the car and head for the wild-bird food shop and down to the Standard Quay to see the sea-worthy barges and Cambria. Em-J and Dad hail friends John and Sophie aboard their Dutch barge (Willhemina-Maria) and are invited on board for a look around. Tothe farm shop next to buy salad-y stuff for lunch.

Dad goes for a kip while Mum and Em-J nip off to visit Diamond in hospital, then Mum grabs some shut-eye while Dad takes Em-J off up to the allotment to dig spuds, pull leeks, harvest chard, beans and beetroot, and even to pick over the raspberries (not enough to bring home - sorry, Mum). They also take in the bee-hives, and head home via an explore of the new housing behind us.

Exhausting, is what it is!

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Mr Silverwood said...

Em-j has found a like minded person who likes to sleep in, but be warned that she can stay in bed for nearly all day. Hope you all have fun.