Sunday 2 August 2009

Boxers, Beers and Birds

We meet Skiboo again on the rec - a fine handsome Westie from out towards the village of Graveney. He's a real stocky show-dog shape with a handsome face (like Haggis's). See also my May 2nd post.

The title? No, we've not gone all male-chauvinist here. One of Dad's 2CV chums (actually an exponent of the 2CV kit-car conversion called a "Lomax") holds a garden party each year at around his birthday. 2CV engines, "as any fool no", are 2 cylinder horizontally opposed units, known by the nickname of "boxers". Beers are easy to explain (this being a bloke-ish party, although there are plenty of other-halfs there too).

Birds? Each year the food is a real treat - a range of salads, but then a choice of meat around a theme. The first year "bangers" (all sorts of exotic and weird sausages including wursts and chorizo type stuff). The 2nd year "Burgers", again - all sorts from venison burgers to good ol' USA style hamburgers. This year the "birds" refers to all sorts of poutry products (duck spring rolls, spicy chicken wings, lemon chicken, chicken kievs etc.

We wonder where the host can go from here, fast running out of B-words to go with his boxers and beers. Baking maybe?

It's a lovely sunny day, so it's roof-down 2CV motoring, Dad resurrecting the straw hat for the first time since the "Sussex" Saga Sunshine.


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