Wednesday 26 August 2009

Purple Stuff and Grassy 2CVs

Mum and Em-j are back from their French adventure, bubbling over with tales of adventures, including the one we're not allowed to mention about getting lost. They return too with strange foreign "Purple Stuff" which turns out to be a soft drink which you dilute 7:1 with water (preferably fizzy, says Em-J) and end up with a very nice drink tasing of violets.
The grassy 2CV in the pic is part of a fun garden in the old town of Boulogne, which has many bits made from old car stuff - paths made from tyres, a greenhouse made from windscreens, and these old planters made from scrap 2CV's. It's in the old part, and well worth a look, say the ladies.
They lunch in the old town too, on galettes (buckwheat pancakes) with melted cheese inside and savoury mince, potatoes and onions on the top (Mum had just potatoes and onions). From there they made their way to Wimereux to look at the beach, collect crabs and paddle. They had gigantic ice creams, with tinsel-stars on the ends of bits of wood stuck in the top.
There was some driving and some shopping - they returned with some souvenirs, wine and calvados, rillette.
By mid afternoon they are "France'd out" and they catch the ferry home from Calais, to where Dad has walked us and cooked supper.
More adventures tomorrow.
oh - and here's a link to Wimereux if you need one

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Mr Silverwood said...

It sounds like she is really enjoying it, say hi from me