Sunday 16 August 2009

Early Birds

No, I'm not referring to the feildfares or black headed gulls who are still sitting on the grass of the Rec as early as we are out there, but the dog walkers and dogs. No matter how early you get out there there always seems to be someone about. Today it's not much after 07:00 and as we reach the Rec we can see in the distance, 2 year old handsome boy-Westie, Jasper, and the "old lady with the black poodle" (who seems to shuffle off at the approach of anyone, dragging her dog behind her, quickly out of sight)

Jasper spots us too, and is soon making a bee-line in our direction. He likes a good run around with me, and the H often joins in. Both Jasper and I are quickly grimed up with the dew and dust, so that a shower seems likely this afternoon. The man gets chatting to Dad about getting "them groomed" and is fascinated to know that Dad does us himself, getting supplies from the Wahl European service centre which happens to be in Herne Bay, not far from here.

The man thinks he may go look at prices and have a go himself. Dad offers to show him the (very) basics but warns him that professional groomers we are not!

Mum's off to look after Diamond, Dad heads in the direction of the barge - it's "our turn" on the volunteer rota, so some pics and an update on that soon. Dad comes home with some mildly grubby bed linen from a lady called Nicole (ahhh Nicole? Papa?). Mum raises an eyebrow. Some unlikely story about a couple with a Dutch barge alongside at Cambria's wharf concerned to find that the town has no laundrette. So now we're "taking in washing".......

(The fragrant and showered) Deefski

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Mr Silverwood said...

I am not even going to comment on the bed linen.......