Monday 17 August 2009

Fruity abundance

Kent is reputedly having the best fruit year for 30 years. Farmers who have been reporting poor cropping for the last few years, are nowbuying in extra trays and boxes and reporting gloomily that the price will crash. If the state of our damson tree is anything to go by, we have branches weighed down to breaking point by the weight of fruit. We didn't do so well with the Reine-Claude (greengage) or the quinces, but the apples and plums are heavy too.
I promised you a Cambria update. Here's a nice pic looking along the hold from stern towards the bow, showing the graceful curve of deck beams. Below is a significant stage, but one much harder to photograph, the huge white baulk of the stem post has now been bolted to the (red painted) apron. These two make up the bow of the barge, and the side planking rebates into the groove between the two. In this picture you are up high above the top of the apron, on the port bow, looking down. The white painted angled frame is effectively the front of the deck, but it will have above it the decorated bow-boards and bow-badges to fend off the waves.
I love all this stuff. Sorry if I get a bot obsessed.


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The Silverwoods said...

Farmers will moan about anything even if it is too much crop....

Give our regarfds to Diamond, all our thoughts are with her.