Saturday 20 August 2011

1000 Posts!!!!!

Well, readers, here we are! We made it to 1000 posts across these 4 and a bit years. Just some nice pictures today of Haggis and I aboard Dad's beloved SB Cambria. Haggis is presumably feeling the heat, looking at the length of that tongue. Dad took us below for a cool off just after these pictures were taken.

I was hoping for something a bit more momentous to talk about in this significant post but it's just been a fairly normal hum drum Saturday. Mum has taken off to Brighton again to visit the sick friend, and is hoping that the M25 doesn't 'get' her like it did last time, delaying her return till gone 22:00. Dad's hoping that too, as he's cooking a bit of a special meal (Nigel Slater Pork Chops) to celebrate the 1000'th post.

He's been down at the barge again today with the gang painting a complete coat of grey undercoat ("Rosy Glow") onto the decks in preparation for tomorrow's proper pale blue, bargey, deck topcoat.
He's going to miss all this when Project Erroll comes to fruition.

Ah well, thank you all, dear readers for your interest and attention over the time this blog has been running. Please do keep the comments coming in, it's the only way I actually know anyone's out there listening at all. Onwards and upwards.



mazylou said...

Congratulations on the 1000th post!

Mr Silverwood said...

That does seem to have flown past, 1000 post's already, well keep it up, it always makes good reading

Anonymous said...

Well done Deefs. Loved reading it and hope you keep posting so I can continue to read it.

Archie said...

Its been a blast reading about you Sis. You have been busy in such a short space of time.