Tuesday 30 August 2011

Bye Bye Bozza

Boris gets collected tonight by 2CV Llew, the end of another short but enjoyable holiday. He is even reasonably tidy and brushed out after getting half the garden wrapped around his face when we were blitzing yesterday. Mum and Dad generated a builders bulk-bag plus of weeds and rubbish in a major tidy up and Boris another dustbin liner's worth around his mouth and entangled in his fur.

He is also a bit fussy with regard to having his muzzle and lips brushed out, so that Dad sometimes has to 'alpha-roll' him just to remind him that he is a dog. He objects, of course, being a feisty pup, but in the end, there's not a lot a dog can do when strong hands have you by all four feet and the mouth and nose, and you are upside down. Best just to relax, let the entaglements be gently removed and then enjoy the sweetie (and the fact that you are, in fact, not injured, after all) as reward.

It's been good fun having him again, and we have played and chased about lots, even laying on a display of round-garden 3-dog chase at a BBQ of some barge friends yesterday. Nice big, long, clear lawn and a flat patio, but for some reason all the humans went "Whoa! Pick up your drinks!" and raised their glasses out of harm's way as we tore through like a white furry whirl wind.

Till next time, then Bozza!


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