Wednesday 17 August 2011

Umpah Loompah Doobeddy Doo

.... I've got another puzzle for you... and all that Jazz. How many dogs are in this picture and (OK it's probably impossible) which one is which. For a clue, this is cropped out of yesterday's picture and you can probably guess anyway knowing that we had young Boris for a couple of nights. Incidentally, 2CV Llew is back from the foreign now and has collected the young lad, and very very happy Boris was to see him too. Llew has 2, sometimes 3 dogs and they all now go to different places for their holidays.

19 year old Rosie (famous tea drinking and beer-lapping dog) goes where she's always gone, to a lovely elderly couple Llew knows in his home town, where she gets to be quiet and calm and not harrassed by anyone, sleeps as much as she wants and is thoroughly spoiled. She sees it as a lovely holiday hotel break. Big burly Springer "Harvey" who is really Llew's lady-friend's animal, goes to his son when Llew can persuade the Daughter in Law to co-operate. New arrival, Boris, comes here where he gets to romp around with like-minded loonies like myself and the H.

Dad had some fun last night showing a big group of Medway Rotary Club members round the barge in company with the Cambria Trust Chairman (Vice Admiral Bruce Richardson, no less) and Boss of Volunteers, Basil. There were so many of them they had to be split into 3 groups and then split again in half so that half could be below decks while the other promenaded round the planking. Dad and Basil did the spiel and Bruce shepherded them around. These guys are keen to get involved in sail training and chartering the barge as part of their sponsorship of the support and respite-care charity "Crossroads Care".

Meanwhile Dad was impressed by a lovely flower-rich display of meadow plants up the central reservation of Rhiems Way in Canterbury. Divert yourself down that way if you can and take a look. It's, different, unusual and very very pretty.


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Mr Silverwood said...

I did try to count the ears and divide by 2, but then I thought you didn't have half a dog.