Wednesday 10 August 2011

Plug 'Ole

My Baby has gorn down the plug 'ole
My baby has gorn down the plug
The poor little Fing
Was so skinny and Fin
She should've been barfed in a pineapple tin
or a Jug-ug-ug-ug

Ah the joys of being wrangled by Mrs S when you've rather over indulged in the dog dry-food mixed with pasta sauce dept. Mind you, she didn't really have to put the lump of soap suds on the top of my head, did she? I'm ready for my close-up now?

Deef's Dad upsets his SatNav lady today by some ill advised comments about her accent and she exacts a cruel revenge by sending he and Mrs S down some seriously dodgy roads en route to the property they are viewing today. They survive with only minimal damage to sump and due to bottling it as one road turned from grass-up-the-middle to "it's a lawn". Deef's Dad thinks he has eaten enough humble pie now and may be forgiven in time for tomorrow's trip to Co. Roscommon.


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cinque.cento said...

Oh the humanity!