Monday 22 August 2011

Do I come here often?

You kind of have to laugh. Here is Haggis totally bamboozled by how to get in through the closed door in front of him, when there is an open (it was open all day - he went out that way!) door approx 12 inches to the right of his nose. He looks in at you all harrassed looking as if you've done it to him on purpose and then lifts a paw and scratches at the closed door. Then he scratches again. And again. And again.

If you are feeling soft and compliant you walk to the open door, look out round the corner at him where upon he seems to see the light and walks towards your smiling face and thus is suddenly presented with the door open. Blimey! How did you do that? It's like some form of extra-ordinary magic. He then expects (as all dogs thave a right to expect) to be given a sweetie for his obedience in coming in when the humans asked.

If you are feeling hard and heartless, you can ignore him and eventually he decides to try alternative approaches, one of which is to walk 12 inches to his right and discover the door, through which he then sneaks feeling all smug as if he's just out manouvred your dastardly and Machiavellian puzzle and obtained the prize. No sweetie then though.

Truly a dog of very little brain.


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Mr Silverwood said...

The look on his face is funny, you have to admit, and the look on yours says 'My god, I'm going to be like that one day.....'