Sunday 28 August 2011

Crisis in the Creek

I expect you heard it, didn't you? Where ever you are reading this from, if you heard a certain amount of 'shouting' around 3pm coming from the Faversham direction you'll know that it all kicked off a bit between (mainly) our 2 doggie visitors, Rags (no real surprise there) and little butter-wouldn't-melt, 9 month old Boris, who's here for safe keeping because 2CV Llew is sitting his girl friend's big springer Harvey. Boris and Harvey fight and Harvey doesn't take any prisoners, so Llew passed Boris to us for safe-keeping (!).

It was Mum's Birthday (21 again - how do they do that?) so Dad is cooking a special meal of pork chops done in a cider and cream sauce. Diamond and John are coming and they bring Rags. You'll know that I don't love Rags like a generous hostess should and we have our moments but we're sort of OK by now and the humans can eat their food without too much drama and distraction. Rags has also stopped trying to mount the H, which never went down that well. I'm happy to say that neither of us were the cause of the kick off this time.

Step forward Boris who took violent and rapid exception to Rags's mounting thing and it all got a bit shouty a couple of times. Admittedly me and H did tend to do that 'encouraging' thing that kids do in the playground when there's a rumble, but we were generally a few paces back and goading Boris and Rags on to get the teeth stuck in. Well, there were a couple of episodes of this which came and went but then it really kicked off. We think Rags tried it, Boris skittered on the laminate floor and fell upside down, with Rags leaning over him. Rags was not biting him or grabbing him in any way we could see but Boris just saw red and there were dogs suddenly everywhere, humans shouting and trying to separate them, an umbrella got involved and poor Diamond got a snap on the hand. Dad leaned in and lifted Boris out by his collar, Diamond grabbed Rags. Haggis and I "melted into the crouds" as they say in reports of Taliban fights.

The rest of the meal was spent with Boris on about 3inches of lead at one end of the room, Rags on 3 inches at the other, the humans eating a lovely meal between, only occasionally disturbed by 'comment' from either end, and the H and myself (for once, happily, not the main protagonists) asleep around the human feet.

It's all go. 'We' will do this again but probably not with both Rags and Boris invited. One or the other is OK but it's definitely a bit powder-keg with the pair.

Sorry if we upset your pleasant Saturday sfternoon.



Mr Silverwood said...

Opps, oh well, at least it wasn't you starting it this time, sounds a bit like Max and Coco the other day, I think they have sorted it now but it did seem to get a bit serious, maybe it's something in the air for westie pups.

Diamond said...

Diamond's version: don't blame Rags. He is innocent. I was mauled by a savage dog and he was protecting me. There was blood everywhere (mine).

Diamond said...
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