Sunday 7 August 2011

Haggis at 15

Happy Birthday to Haggis who reaches 15 years old today and a very youthful and puppy-like 15 he is on occasions. Today, though, he is taking it easy as befits a gent in his Autumn years. We've been for a nice walk round the boatyard and town in which we dodged some serious rain squalls (by superb timing and by knowing some of the locals willing to call us in for tea). Mostly around that Haggis has slept and eaten, woken periodically with gifts of proper breakfast, or a pig's ear or (Birthday Cake of Choice for us) raw pork ribs.

Join me in wishing him many more and problem free years and don't sing 'Happy Birthday' too loud, or you'll wake the old boy up.

Many Happy Returns, H


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Mr Silverwood said...

Happy birthday H, hope you enjoyed it.