Monday 1 October 2007

Back to Skool

Poor ol' Mum. After what seems like a school summer-holiday's worth of time off (Narrow boating, then studying, then Greece, then more studying, then about 2 days of chillin') she's finally had to go back to work to earn an honest crust, to keep us in the manner. Fair play to her, though - gave us a nice walk in the morning and Meggie, deprived of the 6 miles yesterday was all spronging about and playful.

Salsify? The humans tell me that they have read that "its delicate flavour" means it's best not to spice it up with anything. Just boil or steam it. They do. Turns out to be reminiscent of (globe) artichokes. They are impressed. Good job - "we" have plenty up at the allotments. Dad will grow it again.

Archie (brother) is, meanwhile, in the doghouse for leaping onto a small white pup and trying to kill it, while out walking. Helped apparently by my Dad (Hector), so the two of them ended up on leads for the rest of the walk, and in deep disgrace. Real-Mum (Mollie) was no such problem, and nuzzled it, rolled it over to lick it and generally do mum-nursing type things. Ahhh sigh.

Tanking it down.


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