Wednesday 17 October 2007


What a dog! Tonight on the Rec we came across a beautiful female mastiff called Isobel. We are told she's not a Bull Mastiff, "just an English Mastiff - not quite as huge as the Bull version". Big enough though, and all soft and soppy at only 14 months old. She was on her way to dog-training classes where she does very well we were told. All three of us dogs, and Dad made a big fuss of her, as she wagged her lazy ol' slow tail and slobbered as only mastiffs know how!

Dad tells me that Meggie went to pup classes - held at the top of Detling Hill and organised by a police dog training guy. The well equipped training set-up included a fenced off field with gate, where you could let dogs off leads without any risk of them disappearing over the horizon. No sweat. Megan was, allegedly, a little star - top of the class for her sits, downs, long-downs, long-distance stays and then racing back to Dad on the command "come!". Teacher's pet

Till they left the field!

Once out of the gate all Dad's pride in his well behaved pup evapourated as Megan refused all instructions with a look that said quite clearly.. "Oy! No way! We do all "that" in there; not out here! Schools' out as far as I'm concerned!"

Also in the Rec we met Window Cleaner Mick's pair of westies, Misha and Jack. As usual putting us to shame with their immaculate Daz-white coats and neat trims. We have a theory that he cleans them with his window cleaner stuff, or maybe uses them as a chammy, or a squeegy!


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Tim Hopper said...

> or maybe uses them as a chammy, or a squeegy

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'Hugs' woofs that he can't wait to meet Isobel!!

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Tim (plot 61a) and Huggy :o)

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