Saturday 6 October 2007

Biscuit, Pickle and Edie

A beautiful, sunny, breezy day and we got our nice long walk at Seasalter, along the beach. We met a lady out with three Border Terriers, 2 boys called Pickle and Biscuit, and a recent rescue-bitch, Edie. Edie has, apparently got "issues" where she is playing one minute and attacks the next, without any warning signs, so she was on the lead to start with. We all started a 6-dog walk along the beach and Edie seemed to be going ok, and Dad could tell the lady desperately wanted to give her a chance off the lead. She's only recently rescued, and they are hoping to fully socialise her.

So Dad encouraged her with "Go on - I'm willing to risk it, if you are...." (Cheers Dad! It's not likely to be you that gets bitten!). So then we were all running around together, and nobody got killed by anybody. There was one anxious moment when Biscuit and Pickle chased me towards the water, and you could see Edie's ears go up "Yee hah! Fight! Fight! Fight!...." like kids in the playground, but I'm pretty good by now at doing "submissive" (ears down, tail down and run like hell!). B and P veered away and Edie with them

So it all went well - we walked together for 30 minutes or so till the lady decided to turn back, and nobody fought with anyone. We carried on walking westwards and killing a plastic bottle (Coke - 500 ml size) till we, too turned back and headed for the Old Sportsman, and the car.

Dad's since been up to the allotment and planted garlic and broad beans, so he's all pleased with himself, saying that the 2008 growing season has officially begun!

And Mum and Dad's "Abels' Acre" wine and wisdom went well to, so now they are relaxing with wine, and it will soon be bed time


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