Thursday 25 October 2007

Luca the Lurcher

We met another nice dog tonight - Luca the Lurcher. Like all lurchers he's a hound crossed with a collie-type beastie - looks like his hound might be a greyhound, but his "collie" is something much more black-and-tan and hard coated. Enyway, he's full of beans and his Mum was launching a ball as far as she could with one of those 2 foot long springy, spoon-ended launchers and he was flying! She said that if she just threw the ball with her arm, he was there, drinking a cup of tea, feet up, watching TV, catching up on the gossip by the time the ball got there

We had the pleasure of Dad's company yesterday on a day off. coming and going all day - 2 walks, the allotment and an "old git's lie-down" in the afternoon (we love that. The humans crash out on the sofa and we all pile up all around them (cats too sometimes) while they catch a siesta). Quality time - sleepin' in a heap!

At one stage, mind, Dad took off with the 2CV and the good camera, to try (some more) to get a good pic of a Fallow deer in the forest. It's the rut, for those beasties so it's the best time to get deer all gathered together. But unlike at the weekend when it was bright sunshine, the forest had descended once more into drizzly cloudiness, so the chance of getting good pics of anything moving deep in the birch-bits where the rutting stands are, was nil (he said).

Frustratingly, he tells us, no deer would stroll out into the brighter clearings. Even worse, when he was fed up, relaxed, non-stealth mode, strolling home, crunching carelessly through the fallen leaves, he alsmost tripped over a resting buck - proababaly one exhausted by being Master-Buck for a while and taking a lie down. Dad saw movement just in front of him, realised he was looking at an antler, just about had time to think - "Oh dear! (pardon the pun) - a dead or injured one!", when the deer was up and spronging away. Dad raised the camera and fired off two shots but still had the auto-focus off and just got indistinct blurs. (AF no good among the trees - gets too confused and tries to auto-focus on branches this side of the deer).

So it's STILL Dad's ambition to get a good pic of Fallow deer from Challock in Challock

These Humans need something to aim at, I think


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