Wednesday 10 October 2007

ECHO Echo echo...

Accoustically challenged tonight on the walk. The Town Carnival is coming up and a funfair has started to assemble on the Rec. They take up about a quarter of it. One of the rides is a big lorry, which unravels into a big flat tall "wall" against which a ride "boat" will eventually do its stuff. It's called the Terminator. It's positioned to be seen from the diagonal corner of the Rec, just where we come and go from.

So I'm chasing around with Haggis towards the end of our walk, and I "yaff!" at him. Behind me an echoing "yaff" comes. YAP! .. yap! Naturally, I am taken by surprise at this and snap my head round to look, but there's nothing there - only the fair ground. I go back to chasing Haggis .... YAP.... yap (comes the reply). I'm annoyed now at the challenger, so for a while, me and the unseen "other dog" go YAP yap YAP yap YAP yap, much to the amusement of Dad and a few onlookers.

Could have told me about echoes off flat surfaces. Meanies!

Treat tonight - roast lamb bones from the neighbours. As usual we end up with cleaned (inside and out) tubes of bone shank, with all ends and internal marrow removed, like something you'd see in the dry ol' desert sun in a cowboy movie.


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