Monday 15 October 2007

Tiny Milly and Nelson

We have now met what must be tiniest Westie ever. At 18 months old she is called Milly, and everyone, without fail, assumes she is a pup. She looks like a Westie, but is about two thirds the size of me, and I am about two thirds the size of Meggie. She has got to be as small as some of those little Yorkies you see, or even a Papillon. Feisty little thing though, at least on the lead. Might be more sociable off the lead, but the human is a bit wary of letting her off.

But tonight, my heart has been stolen away, by Jack Russell, "Nelson". At 2 years he is the same as me in all important respects - size, speed, manouvre-ability, strength, energy, playfulness. We met in the Rec tonight and bundled, ran, swerved, chased, wrestled, tumbled and played for ages. Megan did her usual amble about taking little notice (maybe bemused?), and Haggis joined in some of the time, but mainly to pounce on me from behind and knock me off balance, just as I was engaging Nelson from the front.

Exhaustion was therefore doled out as per Marxism - to each according to their need. Megan got a nice gentle (old girls) walk. Haggis was semi exhausted, as befits a middle aged chap, and I was run off my feet, as befits a young hooligan. It was fantastic, and we all hope to meet Nelson again (including Dad and Nelson's "Mum", who both got their dogs mightily exercised for the expense of very little effort on their parts which made, they said, a nice change!)

Extremely Tired

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