Saturday 27 October 2007

Ellie's Adventure

Ellie, we hear, has been up to escape antics worthy of my good self. While, as far as her Mum knew, she was tormenting a neighbour's cat through the tall 6 foot fences and 8 foot walls around the back garden (safe but noisy!), she had other ideas. Mum realised it had all got very quiet and then started to get that "it's VERY quiet,... wonder what she's up to" feeling that Mums (and Aunties and Uncles!) know so well.

Checking the back garden, Ellie's Mum was amazed to find an absence of Ellie. She can't have jumped the wall or fence, thought Mum, so she must be in the house. Thorough search of the house ensued.

Suddenly, on an increasingly desperate whim, she thought to open the front door and look up and down the road, only to find a man walking down the street with Ellie in her arms. "Is this dog yours?". It turned out that he and his wife had spotted Ellie dicing with the traffic, (this is tea-time Tuesday, so there was a good lot of traffic!). Wife giving chase only caused Ellie to scamper back and forth across the road - luckily the cars by now had sussed the problem and stopped. Husband eventually collared the dog, and was now wandering around looking for a panic-stricken owner.

Relief all round. A more thorough serch of the garden revealed a small space, no more than 3 inches wide between a fence panel and one of the posts. Sneaky! Runs in the family, obviously. (see my post called "Red Mist" a few weeks back)

Allotments bonfire tonight!


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