Monday 8 October 2007


I got for my Birthday, a present from First-Mum (see 17th Sept, top photo), a coit of red rope threaded through a number of plastic and hard-rubber balls. It's been a hot favourite thing ever since, and I have spent many happy hours chewing the balls up, which I seem to get away with. Not sure why this does not also apply to electric toothbrush tops, or the hoover "tools", but heh.

Haggis, as part of his welcome back to Mum or Dad has always brought them something - usually a bit of paper or wood from the terrace or floor, or a leaf or anything else that comes to hand. If he can't quickly find something as the humans unlock the door, he gets quite frantic, ranging in small rapid circles in his search. Sometimes my toy falls under his gaze, and he grabs it and uses that as his greeting gift. Once I too have greeted the humans, I have to retrieve it. Either he's put it down by then and I can grab it and take it back to my bed, or I have to home in on him insistently, grab the free end and pull (at which point Haggis happily gives it up).

If I've been chewing it (always in my bed) and it's fresh in my memory, and I leave the bed for any reason, I keep an eye on Meg and Haggis, and if either looks like heading for my bed I have to race in and past them, overtaking them, leaping back into my bed and re-claiming it. Not that I've ever seem Megan or Haggis show any real interest in it, but you can never be too sure.

Mum and Dad just hope I'll get nice strong teeth and jaws (and maybe keep clean teeth too)


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