Tuesday 12 December 2006

The Borrowers

The Humans think I am one of the "Borrowers" out of the children's film. Anthing they leave on the floor, they say, will end up in my bed, and even stuff they don't think they've left on the floor, if they've lost it these days, they say it'll turn up in my bed. In fact I have 2 beds, one upstairs, one down, to ensure I have enough space.

Up stairs bedroom bed ; latest score

Tissue bits (various)
Felt pen (dried up, no lid, blue)
Insole from one of mum's shoe (perhaps better hide that)
Bit of inside of one of dad's slippers
Hair brush
Wine bottle cork (chewed)
Flower pot (very chewed)
Small pebble
Single gents sock (grey)
Half of screw-together knob off top of old Citroen gearstick
Chieftain main battle tank (OK , I made that one up)

Life is good - plenty of walks , Mum in the morning and a slightly longer one with Dad in the evening. I am very good off the lead and have met lots and lots of dogs, all of whom have been nice to me so far. Meals (all called "breakfast") are now routine and I no longer have to mug a cat to get grub. I wait paitiently outside the kitchen while the cat's bowls are put down, and then follow the human into the dining room. The liturgy then runs "Meggie's breakfast.... (pause while that gets put down near the cupboard).... Haggis's breakfast ... pause while that goes by the old fireplace) and then it's my turn.... "Deefer's breakfast"... mine goes by the door. We all then tuck into our bowls, although I strongly suspect that the grown ups might be getting more exciting food than me

About 7/8's of the way down my bowl, this suspicion gets the better of me and I wander over to see if it's true of Meg's. When I get within a foot, she emits a sub-sonic rumble like an elephant, which I translate into "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough". I stroll on by as if I never intended to look in her bowl, and wander over to Haggis's. He, by now, has inevitably eaten 99% of his so he wanders off unconcerned, then nips round to my bowl and wolfs the last eighth while I lick fruitlessly in his. Sneaky divvil!

Ears-up count now fixed at 2
Maximum stairs descent still 10... it's just too tempting to run off back from that top one and try to get people to play, rather than leppin' over the edge


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