Sunday 24 December 2006

Portmarnock Beach

A couple of pics of Portmarnock Beach for you - you can see what a Heaven it is for dogs.

In the one pic you can see us all trotting along behind Mum, with the huge sand dunes in the background. She looks like Mother Hen, with all her chicks scurrying along behind! For anyone who knows the area, we're out towards Baldoyle end looking back towards the Country Club. In the other pic, with Megan on the left, me on the right, the small uninhabited island of Ireland's Eye in the background. The locals have it that the island in profile from over here, looks like a short fat man lying on his back with his arms folded across his chest.

You can see what they mean

Ah well - next stage of the adventure starts now. We move on from Portmarnock, down to wards the middle of the country, and Mum's Sister. We are all quaking with fear at what Megan might do to the pregnant Guinea Pig, but more of that later


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