Sunday 3 December 2006

Now that's what I call a bone!

2nd walk today, despite the gales and rain (we nipped out between 2 showers), and I get to meet 4 lovely dogs - an elderly westie, a young Irish Setter, a very bouncy black labrador and a nervous Springer. So surprised I woofed at the first one and ran away, but pretty soon got into the swing of it and by the end was pretty blase. Great fun anyway charging about through the autumn leaves and helping Meggie and Haggis chase squirrels. To be honest, havn't got a clue what a squirrel is; never seen one, but there must me some reason Meg suddenly charges off straight at a tree and then looks up it

The picture - me with a bit of a beast I managed to bring down single handedly while hunting on the savannah..... well, OK, there's a butcher in town who brought it down while hunting in the savannah. He promptly whipped all the meat off for the humans and was left with this huge shank, which he quickly split into three, two knobbly ends for the grown-up dogs and this tubular shanky bit for me. Great fun ripping all the membrane-y bits off and found my little jaws could do a good job of nibbling up the ends to get at the marrow.

Dad was laughing. When Meggie and Haggis were young, Dad was regularly in contact with some westie owners from the US of A who swore by something called the ARF diet - that is (Species-) appropriate raw food diet. The idea was that you fed your dogs on raw meat and bones only, with all the health benefits, you can imaging from that. Sounds "appropriate" to me - westie pup, dead cow. Just the sort of thing a dog my size would eat in the wild! :-))


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