Friday 15 December 2006

You couldn't make it up

Today, what I want to tell you about, and what my Dad says I should write are poles apart.

Me First! Another lovely walk today, in the gathering gloom where we met a lovely lady and her gentleman westie, Barney. All neatly groomed, clipped and washed, he was very spruce, but was up for a game, and the four of us joined up for a nice stroll round the park

But dad thinks we should have called this blog entry "Free-Style Cat Jumping", or "Snared in a laundry basket"

Cat Jumping? You know those accidents where humans say "It all happened so fast! I could only watch helplessly!"There I was leppin' down the stairs, 5 or 6 from the bottom, when I was distracted by Haggis in the hall, swerved right, and lost my footing. The big ol' soft brindled cat (Mississippi) was asleep at the foot of the stairs, over by the bannister. I rolled and bounced side over side down the last few treads, luckily well padded with soft carpet, the last bounce bringing me side-down splat on top of the cat's sleeping form. She screamed and shot up the stairs, I got up all dazed and shook myself off, and I'm sure I saw Haggis sniggering with his hand over his mouth. Dad nearly peed himself laughing (once he'd dusted me down and was sure I was OK)

Tonight, Dad's doing "domesticated man". Our laundry basket is like a plastic crate, about 2'6" long, 1'6" wide and a foot high, with slatted sides. Dad had carried all the laundry downstairs, loaded the machine once, then stuck the basket, right way up, on the pile of clothes waiting to be the 2nd load. Mum and Dad had returned to watch telly. They heard a scrabbling in the kitchen and Dad went to investigate. Trying to climb up the side of the basket to see what was on top, I had put my weight on the front edge. the basket flipped over fight on top of me, making a very effective cage which I was running around inside trying to find the exit and, in so doing, was shuffling the crate about the kitchen floor. Dad was laughing again, saying "Have you seen this muppet?". Mum just said "Now THERE's a bloomin' good idea! Perhaps we could leave her like that?"

Humans! No sympathy


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