Monday 25 December 2006

T'was the Night before Christmas

Coo! Christmas Eve,yet! The adventure continues. We've left Portmarnock and headed westward to the next step of the journey,off to visit Mum's sister,"Silverwood", hubby Mr-Em and the neices, Em-J and J-M (There's lots of Em's and J's in this family). They have a collie-cross as old as Meggie, called Chance, and another young one called Sam. Yet again, amazingly enough, we stroll in and these dogs accept us straight away onto their turf.

That's great because we are soon playing and romping around in their house and garden.

There is just one fly in the ointment, and that's Megan. Silverwood has a couple of guinea pigs, one of which is heavily pregnant and about to give birth. Megan is Kent's No. 1 ratter, her deadly skills honed when Mum and Dad had chickens, before I was born. Spilt chicken food inevitably attracts rats (don't let anyone try to kid you different!) and Megan became quite adept at nailing these critters when they ran into the greenhouse to take cover, and found there was no way out. No problem- who wants rats anyway?

BUT , when they (Meg,H,Mum and Dad) were here (in Silverwood's house) a couple of years back, Meg's targetting system locked onto the family hamster cage, and she'd not leave it alone, spending hours looking up at it and whistling, just willing that hamster to leave the cage and come down and "play" with her. Then one day when M+D were not being particularly vigilant, Meg sussed that if she grabbed a corner of the tea-towel on which sat the cage and pulled, the whole lot might just fall on top of her and burst open. Ooops. Meg 1; Hamster nil

So this time the gang are fore-warned.The guinea pigs are 3 feet up on top of the dish washer,with no tea towel. Much to Meg's disgust

Ah well.... currently doing "Little orphan Annie" impression 3 steps up in the hall, due to extreme exhaustion (Sam loves me.... so many men, so little time! )

Merry Christmas One and All


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