Friday 1 December 2006

Ultimate Victory (Yey Me!)

Heh! A photo of me beating the living daylights out of big brother, Haggis. Here he is lying on his back, utterly defeated (?) and me with my big fangs round his throat. Megan you can just see in the dark under the chair, top left. She was last seen wandering off muttering that H had rolled over willingly and I kinda fell on top of him, but what do big sisters know?
I love these play-fights. Sometimes I start them, but equally often it's either Meg or H takes the mood. We end up scampering all over the house, much to the amusement of the humans, with much skittering of little feet on the skiddy laminate floors (who invented that stuff?) diving around and under furniture.
Every couple of minutes we break off for a drink of water, or a breather - most civilised... everybody waits till an unseen signal and then piles back in where we left off.
Just every now and then it all gets a bit rough and with the two "grown-ups" at me at once, I sometimes squeak in alarm, then everybody backs off, we all calm down, and then pile in once more. Goes on for 15-20 minutes, then all of a sudden we stop, fall on the dog bed and sleep in a neat row.
It's a dog thing

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