Sunday 10 December 2006

We are Family

There you are - as promised, a pic by the Angel-B of all 4 of us returning from Ellie's first ever walk (in which I am ashamed to say, I tried to beat her up) ; Come on... who hasn't at some point, tried to kill their sister? This is, from left to right, Ellie, Meg, yours truly and the H-Man

Out again today and MUCH better behaved. Once I'd said a (vigorous) hello to Ellie we were like best mates, and trotted around the Rec together as happy as Larry. Dad wishes he'd taken the camera because at one point we were looking very cute looking over a small cliff together (at a very handsome Setter called Bailey, who'd been chatting up that ol' tart Megan. Our stances, shape, poise and size were identical, like 2 peas in a pod, except for the fact that I am the shaggiest dog you ever saw, and Ellie is immaculate bright white and smooth coated. Probably why I tried to roll her on her back in the mud!

Came home via the cemetery - the world just keeps getting bigger each time we explore!

Look after yourselves


(Maximum stairs descent now 10. It can only be days before I realise that if you can do 10 without a controlled plummet, you can probably do all 13......)

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