Monday 25 December 2006

Paper Storm

Before I start, one quick thing I didn't mention yesterday; there is another member of the Silverwood family,the current foster-baby, Baby-M (yes, another M)
Well - I've had an exciting day, that's for sure. I have never seen the likes. You would not beleive the frenzied activity this morning, as 3 small humans unwrapped a small mountain of gifts in record time, the paper ripping and flying about like leaves in a hurricane.
I can now list for yousome good things to eat on Christmas Day,
Custard cream biscuit dropped by baby
Baby's dummy
Wheels of toy train (train also worth barking at as you can make it change direction)
Santa sacks
Unfortunately, all the more likely doggie-fare was kept from me on the grounds that I already have a "squitty bum" (whatever that is) due to food-thefts over that last few days,of inapropriate food stuffs.I am reduced to "proper puppy food" (zzzzz)
My Dad is an expert at extracting Bratz dolls from their wrappings (lots of card board, wire, threads and strands.), has been thrashed by an 8 year old girl at Battle ships, has chatted to Mr-Em on a Nintedo DS from next door rooms in the same house (comments from Mum that it's easy to keep 2 blokes amused).
Plus I've been for a nice walk round the town via a stream path (lovely dark brown peaty water). Have to go now - must supervise Dad doing the roast potatoes
More (and more pics) when I have more time

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