Tuesday 5 December 2006

Flower Pots and Washing Machine Dosing Balls

Real Mum (Mollie) went in to vets today for her spay operation. Recovering well. Reported to be "sitting up in bed". Must find out name of Hospital Ward and visiting hours, so that I can take along bunch of grapes, well-thumbed "Womens' Own" mags and a bunch of flowers which the nurse will refuse to put in a vase. That's it for Mum in the pups dept, but she scared everyone to death by getting milk-fever badly when we were about 4 weeks old. Luckily all ended happily

Good things for pups to chew. 3 inch plastic flower pot. Nice satisfying stiff "give" to the needle-sharp teeth. Given enough chewing and biting you can splay out the rim of the flower pot with a pleasing Nottingham lace-work effect. Disadvantages are when gripped by the lower rim between puppy teeth, upper rim, at 3 inches higher is outside puppy eye-line, hence entire face effectively buried in pot. Not so good when evading Haggis at speed, due to impaired vision. Collisions with door frames tend to damage forehead, neck and street-cred

Slightly better, washing machine plastic dosing-ball (well rinsed). Same al-dente bite and semi-transparent, so can see door frame approaching at speed but large shiny sphere enclosing entire nose tends to look like a circus clown false-nose and draws comments from humans like "Look at that muppet!". Not good for street cred either, but hey, I'm a cute white pup.

Have heard comment to the effect, my bum is a little crusty tonight, and Dad waving beard-trimmer around muttering stuff about Brazilians. Also landing strips. Not sure what that's all about

Stair-count maximum now 5 (bottom 5)


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