Tuesday 5 February 2008

Bouncing Labradoodles

Remember Keira, the agarophobic Alsatian pup? Well, Xena tells us that she is now a lot bigger and braver. She will actually face the back yard now to do her poo, and (if she is carried down the three front-door steps to the front path), she is happy to go fior a walk, even near (shudder) traffic.

Her favourite thing now is to sneak under the back fence into next door's garden where lives huge, 2-year old Labradoodle "Mia" who apparently spends all her waking hours bouncing around like Tigger. Keira loves her, and will spend hours chasing around Kia's garden before sneaking back through the fence, filthy and exhausted

Xena says she will soon be big and brave enough to face "The Six Westies" (Archie, Mollie, Hector, Megan, Haggis and my good ol' self

Go Keira!!!


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