Wednesday 13 February 2008

Rosie's Gaff

Day off work for Dad so we get 2 walks, and it's foggy for both of them. It wasn't foggy all day, or everywhere, just where we were when we were there, if you get my drift.

First to the Rec early morning where it was so thick we could have been anywhere. Then after a gap while Dad enjoyed some very warm sunny allotment-ing, as the sun burned off the last wisps of mist, nipping down to Rosie's gaff (Dad calls it "Llew's place") where we unfortunately missed Rosie but got, instead, to explore the local bridleway walk.

Again - we were walking through some lovely scenery just East of Wingham, near Canetrbury, but we could have been anywhere. Down there the fog was still hanging ariound, and we couldn't see 50 yards. Never mind, we dogs only look at the next blade of grass or possible rat hole anyway.


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