Wednesday 20 February 2008

Ear ear

More frost and fog, but all gone by the afternoon when Dad takes us a nice circuit the back way round to the allotments

We meet an Alsatian we've met before but whose name escapes me for now. He is a lovely dog - terracotta brown and very fluffy at the moment; a good winter coat. Odd though for having his left ear pricked upright like a proper alsatian's ear, and the right ear completely flopped over.

The man tells us he's a rescue dog and has always been like that, the vet telling him that there is no nerve supply to that ear, possibly as a result of abuse. This owner is the third since the rescue - no-one else had been able to stop, or put up with his 24 hours a day, 7 days a week barking. This guy has persisted and trained the dog, and is in work that means the dog can stay with him all the time, so he's a reformed character.

He was rescued, apparently, from a tiny concrete yard - you know the story, wee and poo everywhere, abuse by neglect.... has Dad and the man quoting that cliche about "people like that shouldn't have dogs."

Good to know he's having a happy ending.....


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