Saturday 2 February 2008

Penny, Bobby and Mollie

The snow didn't arrive (well, not this far down south anyway) so we woke up to a frost - the Rec as hard as concrete and the pond frozen over, all be it thinly.

The Rec was a-buzz with dogs, so that I barely got time to play with my yellow frisbee. We also made a new freind, Bobby the rescue Jack Russell whose Mum is despairing of ever curing him of jumping up at exciting new people. Dad doesn't mind but we can see that it'd be a trial.

Then we met Penny the small black poodle - extremely smart in a very recent, but not too pom-pom-ish cut. More of a "standard road-going" clip. Also Mollie the soft-pale long haired retriever who must take hours of brushing as she always looks like she's just been groomed. Immaculate.

Even we had a tidy up today - ears, eyes and bums, and toe-nails. Plus we live worryingly near to the Wahl (clippers) factory shop, which is in Herne Bay, and Dad dropped in today to pick up an 8mm comb to give us a bit of a long winter clip. Normally we wait till March and get buzzed quite short, but we are (allegedly) looking exceptionally scruffy just now and I think there'll be an interim cut. Dad is wondering if Asbo, too, might fancy one....


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