Thursday 31 January 2008

Ruby Ruby Rubyrubyruby!

Apologies to the Kaiser Chiefs.

Tanking it down in Kent today but had let up by the time we got our walk. Dad made us take the skanky old deflated soccer ball back to the Rec. We kicked it around for a while but then gave it away to some kids, when we were all distracted by.....

Tiny 5 month old mini-Dachshund pup "Ruby" and "best mate" big brown labrador Chewy. Size contrast or what? The Dachsy was no more than a foot long and definitely a contender for Dad's cute-dog-wish-I'd-brought-me-camera-along prize for January 2008. Lovely too to see these two together, with big old Chewy very attentive to little red-haired Ruby.

Well, attentive up to the point that he realised that we three westies were no threat and anyway there was an old split tennis ball lying around that Dad was willing to throw huge distances such as could not be managed by the 2 ladies walking these dogs (My Hero!)

Then on the way home, extra treat - we meet on the pavement a brown mongrel being walked with a genuine Husky, one blue eye, one brown. Right fur for this weather.

Yee hah! Snow on the forecast


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