Saturday 19 January 2008

Blue Barn Agility

We met a very smart fit young Jack Russell recently, resplendent in a claret coloured coat. We commented on it and the lady said that this dog, Jake, was her daughter's dog, and that the claret coloured coat was the "team strip" of his dog-agility team at "near Blue Barn" in kent. That's all she knew. We have tried to google it, but can only get some chat about it in the "Horse and Hound" magazine on-line chat forum.

We also met a gorgeous long-haired goldie, named Max. These dogs make Dad go all weak at the knees for some reason - we are told he always wanted one, but the impracticability of owning one when the way into the house is straight into the Dining room (tall, long haired, wet, muddy dogs shaking after a walk.......). This made his thoughts turn to Westies (for reasons I will tell you about another day - watch for a posting called "Joe Cosgrove" - and we've all been very happy since. I suspect though, that if we ever did move to a house with a Utility room, "we" might end up being a westie and goldie family.

Have a good weekend

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