Tuesday 22 January 2008


At last, a nice warm sunny day and Dad's home nice and early, so we can go a good walk to the Rec, armed with yellow frisbee which keeps me amused for a while... until I discover.... enormous adult sized, semi deflated football! What a treat. It is just deflated enough for me to pinch up enough of a "side" to grab it with my teeth and carry it.

I can not really lift it but I struggle to wrestle it around and get all protective over it. We play for a while with Bindy, but I won't let her anywhere near it. Then comes the time to get it home. I must carry it all the way - the only bit I can't manage is jumping down the low wall onto the pavement. Here I stop and drop it, and look hopefully up at Dad. "Ah!", he says, "You're gonna let me near it now you need help, are you?"

No need for that sarcasm, I thought. Anyway, he drops it down the drop, and I grab it again and strut off down the pavement. I brought it all the way home. Mum will be over-joyed! So proud!


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