Wednesday 9 January 2008

Beer or Tea for you, Rosie?

2 nice pics of Rosie, 11 year old dog belonging to "2CV Llew", local hero amongst Dad's 2CV owning crowd. This is one superb dog, full of character. She lives with Llew in his small-holding-y, green-house-y, 2CV workshop-y humble abode and has freedom to roam around terrorising the local chickens while Llew works - the perfect outdoor / outbuilding rummaging life for a terrier, we say!

When Llew stops for tea, Rosie has to have some too in her own mug on the floor, which she laps up enthusiastically, and (as you can see) she is also partial to a nice English Bitter, which (if she can get away with it) she will lap off the top of Llew's pint! In this case it's Wells's "Bombardier" so she must also be a Lady of Impeccable Taste

She is also most accommodating and welcoming and will happily show us Westies around when Dad takes the car in to see "Doctor Llew" with its occasional ailments.

Fair play, Rosie!

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