Wednesday 30 January 2008

This I have to see

Who can remember over a year ago, back to 30th Dec 2006 when I was only 3 months old and we visited Ireland, and the Silverwoods? Search back through this blog using the keywords "Samoyed" and "Tammy" and you'll find that living next door to the Silverwoods, and kept almost entirely in the garden was a big white fluffy Samoyed, which we as a family took out for a walk to the local woods.

Well, that young lady is now grown, and has produced a litter of pups, just before Christmas 2007, and the Silverwoods have bought one. However, this pup, who is called Dancer, is no pure-bred samoyed. No. I'm not one to gossip but (looks over both shoulders) it would seem that Tammy had a short fling with a "handsome stranger". She's an attractive girl, and said stranger managed to scale an 8 foot garden wall to press his suit. He was, some say, a short haired labrador....

So, the pups are apparently "interesting looking". This I have got to see, and when the Silverwoods eventually furnish me with pics, I will , of course, post them

Holier than Thou

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