Monday 28 January 2008

In Safe Hands

It is not looking good for Felix our poor old hand-me-down, rescue, discovered-in-a-dustbin-when-a-kitten, black and white cat. He is currently at our very capable vets and will be sedated and examined in the morning, but it's almost certain he has a cheek/throat/nasal tumour and will probably not be reversed out of anaesthetic. Don't give up on him yet - there's an outside chance it's a treatable abcess, but don't get your hopes up either.

He's had a good life, Bless him, after an unlikely start. Mum's sister, "Mrs Silverwood" found him in the dustbin at the old Shell filling station in Rainham, where she used to work. He was found along with his litter-mates, in a very sorry state. She passed them to the Cats' Protection League (more power to their elbows - a bunch of heroes if ever there was!) but asked, when they'd done what they needed to do to return them to health, wean them and neuter them, could she have the little black and white one back.

Years later, when they moved to Ireland, it was Foot and Mouth year, so no livestock could go with them, and we inherited him. Then when Diamond wanted an affectionate cat he fitted the bill, so Felix went to live with her for a while. She, as you know, then got Asbo (Rags), the dog, and the two loved being pup and cat together. But then Asbo started to get a bit to heavy on poor Felix, who got upset and too anxious to go on the floor. So we rescued Felix again and he's been with us since - and is now approaching his 14th year.

Wish him luck, poor old fella. He's going to need it

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